Here are some works in progress. Message me for drafts.

Gamer’s Dilemma

Murder is wrong, but committing virtual murder in a video game is not. Pedophilia is wrong, and so is committing virtual pedophilia in a video game. This paper explores the asymmetry in our moral intuitions.

Responsibility for Rape

Brock Turner’s sister wrote that her brother, the posterchild of campus rape culture, “was never out to take advantage of anyone, traumatize anyone, and especially rape anyone.” One might suspect that she is right. Some rapists are looking to do something un-criminal: to have sex. Many are unaware that what they are doing is anything other than sex. If they don’t realize that they are committing rape, can they held responsible for it?

Friendship and Politics

This paper argues that it is rational to 1) give your friends the benefit of the doubt just because they are your friends and to 2) double-down on your political beliefs after exposure to contradictory evidence.

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