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I’m a J.D. Candidate at Yale Law School. I received an MPhil in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge in 2022 as a Gates Cambridge Scholar. I worked at Princeton University Investment Company (PRINCO) from 2020-2021.

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Assorted Links (March 2022)

The Varieties of Bullshit Matthew Walker’s “Why We Sleep” Is Riddled with Scientific and Factual Errors Impeachment: American Crime Story (from my sister Marisa Hirschfield) The Eros Monster The Courage to Be Alone Is “Anna Karenina” a Love Story? (from Jeff Zymeri)

Guest Post: Does Physics still have room for Philosophy? (Jordan D. Cohen)

By the turn of the seventeenth century, early modern Europe had laid out the groundwork for calculus, deciphered the basic principles of electromagnetism, engineered the telescope and microscope, and devised mathematical laws for the motion of physical bodies. The Scientific Revolution that marked the century ushered in profound advancements among the prevailing intelligentsia and broaderContinue reading “Guest Post: Does Physics still have room for Philosophy? (Jordan D. Cohen)”

Airtime Problems

An airtime problem is when someone spends too much time talking about a serious but minor issue relative to the time spent talking about a serious and major issue.  This is the problem with a lot of discussions about rape: they end up turning into discussions of false accusations. False accusations are real and serious.Continue reading “Airtime Problems”